Care a lot.

July 8, 2016
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I care a lot.
Not too much. Because what is caring too much?
What does that even mean?
Just like saying you love too much.
I just care a lot.
And usually that leaves me hurt.
Because I care more for them than they do for me.
And that’s okay.
I’d rather have someone be cared for than them not be cared for at all
If i get hurt in the process then so be it.
I’m used to being hurt.
I’ll be okay in the end
I might not be okay today or tomorrow or probably in a year
But eventually I will be.
And it won’t be because I forgot about you
I don’t forget I remember quite a bit actually
I’ll always remember your favourite colour
and the things that you hated that I did just to annoy you
And one day I’ll wake up in the morning and realize that you were
of course worth the pain.
Everyone is worth a couple of sleepless nights and a few tears.
People might say they aren’t but they are
You are worth a little heart ache.
Never tell me you aren’t
All people are worth more than that.
If Jesus died for you than you are definitely worth a few of my unimportant tears.
One morning or sometimes it’s at night when I lay in bed and I realize
that it’s okay that I care more than you do
I don’t have to be cared for also.
It seldom happens anyway.
I might not get over it but
I will deal with it.

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