Just Try

July 7, 2016
By skyskybusch BRONZE, David City, Nebraska
skyskybusch BRONZE, David City, Nebraska
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It's difficult

I know it's hard

But we can get through this if you try 

Try for me 

Just try


There will be struggles

There will be chains holding you back from your goals

You won't be able to find the key 

The key that will set you free

Because everything in life isn't handed to you

You have to get up and try 

Try for me 

Just try


No one will be able to help you

If you don't ask for help

You will be sitting in that dark room



Try for me

Just try


You asked for help

Tears pouring down your small face

That was a big step for you

A step that will change your whole life

Your not scared anymore

Your not chained anymore

Your free


Free from your fears

Free from that fear

The fear that almost stopped your life

That fear made you afraid

That fear was your bully

That fear beat you down for years

Leaving you speechless

Leaving you scared

Your free

You are free.

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