Bad Dream

July 7, 2016
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I guess you were just a bad dream, bad dream
That I chased till I woke up from sleep
And I regret that I ever woke up
Cause I miss you now

You were like an unlucky charm
You were like the most hideous star
You were the brush that only painted black
And I let my heart be your canvas

You came and went on your own
You entered, then left a broken soul
You made my heart all yours
Then you left it on the door

I guess I got the bad end of the bargain
I guess I got what I never purchased
I just woke up, moaning your name
And now your picture is flipping in the frame

I decided to let go, let go
I even planned to move away from you
But then you text me like it’s nothing
And my resolve is all washed ashore

You came on me like a bad dream, bad dream
You made me cry till I screamed
You made me think my life was yours
And then you left it broken for me

And I’m still recovering all the pieces

I want to build myself up again

I want to forget you ever existed
But you won’t let me do the same

Remember when we leaned in to kiss
And you suddenly broke away
And you left me, still leaning under the tree
Till I opened my eyes to find you gone

You were just a bad dream, bad dream
I hope you just fly away
‘Cause when I see you I’ll cry
And you’d laugh all the same

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