The Opposite Sex

July 7, 2016
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A dream has never been more faded than the ink of my pen as it slowly dies out word by word, letter by letter, trying to find a meaning to make sense of it all…
The same dream I have while I’m asleep, is the same dream I have when I am awake, People go searching in the world to find love that is meant to keep, while I try hold on, trying to bend and not break,
There is no given reason to love someone and be ashamed of it all, (love isn’t something that makes you create walls), but to them, those outside people are the reasons we ache, they are the reasons we hide, we hide those feelings so deep inside that it becomes so hard to find, because of them we don’t dare to show it…
Because of them something as simple as a rainbow isn’t something so beautiful anymore because it symbolizes the people who have feelings for someone other than the opposite sex—
My dream that I fight awake or not is to embrace the power of love no matter what gender it may be,
If the feeling is there then let everyone see, make them believe that the simplest thing like love is as safe as the dream you dream when you are asleep….

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