Inhuman Monster

July 7, 2016
By , groton, CT

Inside my head it's a war zone, screams from long dead voices.

No amount of meditation or deep breathing can truly quiet them.

How much longer can I manage to keep them inside?

Ugly, angry faces, swelling with hatred, haunt my dreams.

"Monster! Mutant! Freak!" they shriek at me with venom in their

angry voices, and sometimes I believe them.

Nightmare after nightmare, they never end. Only when my

mother appears and takes me into her arms, and I am a child

once more, do I get any comfort. But the end

nears as we hear my father's car pull into the driveway. I'm

screaming as he bursts through the door and her away from me.

Terrified for my life I can't look away as he smashes her head

easily against the concrete floor, and suddenly I'm

recklessly smashing my father's head against her grave stone.

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