A Crush, A Love, A Dream

July 7, 2016
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I always thought of her as rather ravishing.
She was a sunken star, barely visible in the night sky.
But, I had a telescope.
She had eyes that were as green as mother nature herself.
Her hair- Oh how I admired it- was a silk dress you wear to bed. A bed in which is where I would one day like to be with her.
A crush, a lost, a dream.


My darling, If i could bare the sight.
You in the arms of another woman.
You two were dancing in the rendezvous till the clock chimed twelve.

A princess story without a Princess now.
Your star has dimmed.
Your green has gone brown.
Your silk has been stained.
and your bed should be in the ground.


A awful thing has taken place.
Your other love has shown their face.
Now if i can change your fate
A raging divorcee filled with hate
I have finally closed our final gate


A crush
A love
A dream

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