More To Me

July 7, 2016

Remember when you look at me

I'm so much more than what you see.

My body is a precious key

to all that's dark and all that's deep.


And since we made the skies so blue

I look up, and when I do,

I mourn this world, so filled with new.

I can't help but think of you.


Of when our words rushed through my veins, 

those endless rivers, grassy plains.

It's time I realize this terrain

is just a mask over the pain.


And in these most restless days,

I lament our parted ways,

deplore a sky so choked in haze,

lose myself among the grays.


Now I have made peace with the strange.

I know time passes, rhythms change. 

I embrace this vital exchange

that has brought happiness in range.


Once again my skies are blue,

and I think I always knew

that even when my fears prove true,

there is more to me than you.

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