Troubled Wanderer

July 6, 2016
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Here the weather dwells of rain
Swaying the flowers in the plain
Soothing my worries away
Doubts swept everyday
But there's too much pollen
But it is too warm
Therefore I leave
I wander further
Here the weather is torrid
The soothing sounds of thunderstorms
Suddenly feeling at ease
Enjoying the quiet breeze
But there’s too many insects
But it is too humid
Therefore I leave
I wander even further
Here the weather is extremely gusty
The stale air slowly becoming dusty
Vivid chromatic colored leaves
Hues of the horizon swept underneath eaves
But there’s too much to rake
But it is too wet
Therefore I leave
I wander much more further
Here the weather sleeps at dusk
Dining table covered in rusk
Silence reigns in solitude
Peaceful as nothing intrudes
But there’s too much darkness
But it is too frigid
Therefore wander beyond ever before
I belong in neither season
Constantly giving me indifferent reasons
No longer will I conceal
The true feelings I feel
I’d rather be constantly wandering
The one constantly wondering
An outcast
Who life surpassed

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