My One Beat: (The Cape is Gone)

July 6, 2016
By Anonymous

In my one beat I am a superhero whose cape is nothing but a tattered hankie from a forgotten child’s repertoire of misery In my one beat I recall a memory stained by the tears of its invoking misery.

In my one beat I do my best to remember that today is better than yesterday and that tomorrow will be better than today.

In my one beat I evict hate from my heart put there by those that would gleefully lead me astray.

In my one beat I stand up for what I believe in and defeat the fear that would cause me pain.

In my one beat I am something you couldn’t be if you tried.

In my one beat I am the absolute best I can be.

In my one beat I am a veteran of a war I never signed up for.

In my one beat I am strong.

In my one beat I am forever, and I am never.

The author's comments:

This poem is based off of the "In My One Beat" writing prompt, part of the New Wilderness Project, a project where two musicians travel to school's across the country and share music and spread a message of equality and teamwork. Part of the Program is the "In My One Beat..." prompt, meant to capture a single second of someone's life, this one happens to capture a particularly trying second.

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