Hamartia, of Godly Transgressions

July 1, 2016
By leahsohn BRONZE, Fort Lee, New Jersey
leahsohn BRONZE, Fort Lee, New Jersey
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Your naked
Blundering eyes lips touch
Electrified me we smoldered
Together in the sun

You tempted I wanted to
Run from him but when they
Pulled me back into the shade while

You were dying dried up in our sun
I was glad, they branded you
Instead of me

An ungodly Whore

They despised you repulsed by you
Whispered in my ear
Praise god

Behold his holy commandments of
Galvanizing and disgusting

So me and them we kill your truth
Your beautiful angelic grace
Eyes lips touch sinful purity in his name
Unclothed and dirty

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