"Hanging Fire" Adaptation

July 1, 2016
‘True tortue, what is true torture?.’
Physical torture? mental torture?
Maybe having a sensation of pain in your body
At first you ignore it saying it's not that big of a deal.
It stays there, gradually driving you more, and more crazy.
Still, you fool yourself with something else, ‘it’s no big deal right?’
It drains you like a parasite.
The pain, it’s excruciating.
Finally, you break under the pressure.
You decide to tell someone about it.
Your “mother”,
she's your rock your home.
You work up your courage and tell her,
she pushes you away.
‘why? Why am I so alone?!’
For the rest of your miserable life, You're doomed to suffering.
Yet the idea comforts you
the imaginary warmth of a happy place.

The days go by, the time ticks by.
She wonders if she’s still alive.
The dark circles around her eyes,
maybe they're the cause for her zombie like state.
She covers up, with a powdery solution.
When her mask comes undone,
the girl’s “mom” asks her what's wrong.
But she always puts it back on in time,
making this farce go on for too long.
When did the innocent girl die?
And how can I resurrected her back to life?
With my eyes sewed close,
I Try to remember the time of my death place.

Come one come all to place so dark and deep,
So crazy, and tear jerkingly funny.
Most go insane.
With the oceans of mercury fueling this wordland ,
even the madman manhattan himself.
Wouldn’t dare set foot in this place made by my hand.
The things I say, the things I do
I felt like such a great actress.
The people around me, were fooled by my tricks.
“Momma", was crying on my “art work” again.
She would never really understand, how beautiful it was.
Even with drops of mercury making it look vulgar,
It’s a masterpiece that made this place that was trash,
Look like elegant piece of trash with a crown on top.
I love this place I do,
My existing place.

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