The End

June 30, 2016

Knifes kill me, I’m bleeding I’m going to die. I think of everything that has happened in my life. I had a picture in my head of how my life was going to be, how I wanted my life to be. But it’s over everything is over. I lye still thinking.  I’m thinking of my mother and how I wish I had made things ok with her. I’m thinking of my grandmother she is like my mom; I love her so much. I always thought she would die first I was wrong. I’m thinking of all the books I’ll never get to read now. I’m thinking of my baby cousins who will grow up not knowing me. Oh God please help me! I made a mistake. I love you dad, I’m sorry. I slowly close my eyes knowing it’s over. The pain is over, the yelling, the fighting is all over. But it’s really not all over I open my eyes and see a white room with a T.V. on the wall and a cross above the doorway. It’s a hospital, did someone find me? Someone saved me! I have a second chance to live. 

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