Modern day equality ( an ironic take)

June 30, 2016
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Yes? Hellooo. Of course we’ll talk about
What happened with the new girl.
Ah! Equality, but ofcourse!, we are a new generation
Didn’t you read our awareness campaign in the newspaper?
Where to look?
Hmm..let me see. She’s the one in the mellow saree
You know right next to the hottie in bright red lingeree?
What you still don’t see it??
It can’t be that hard, darling.
There’s a new article right next to it.
Something about an incident in Delhi
Poor thing really!
I always say, early to bed, early to come home
Keeps a woman safe and her family happy.
Oh! What do I think about a woman with a career?
Of course, they can have it all!
Why, my wife takes care of our two kids
And still manages to have a job!
It’s such an amazing point in our history really.
…and the smaller salaries…
Well you have to realize that women
Even being IN these jobs is such a new thing.
You know? Speaking of the new girl..
We’re handling this very seriously
We’ve already cancelled the donut budget for all the men
Who were a bit out of line…
Really, that girl! I keep telling her
Don’t wear so much make-up, Beti.(girl)
But, would she listen? No respect..these days..
(Sigh) Anyway, be sure to write good things
And do mention our new motto for our office
‘We are equal’ and ‘A workplace for women!’
Simple yet super effective. Oh you have to go?
Of course, Bye!

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