He Likes to Say...

July 11, 2016

He likes to tell me I love you
Like at any moment I could become deaf and can't hear the words
Or I'll become blind and can't see the words when he texts me
Or I'll become numb and won't feel the words through his fingertips when he touches me.
Or I'll be struck with amnesia and forget he just said I love you 5 minutes ago.

He tells me without hesitation, I love you.
But when I ask him why, his lips forget how to form words.

He'll say I don't know, I just do.
And sometimes, that's enough.
But sometimes I'd wish he'd say because.
Because I help him be better.
Because he looks at me and feels lucky
Because of the look in my eye when I rant
Because I'm understanding and caring.
Because I'm strange.
Because I'm me and there's only one me to love.

I don't doubt that he loves me.
I hear it, I see it, I feel it.
But I'll always wonder why me over the rest.
I'll always wonder why he likes to tell me I love you.

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