The Last Act

July 11, 2016
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The Last Act
To everything that I have seen,
In everyplace that I have been,
To every person I have met,
For all the secrets I have kept,
To anyone I ever loved,
For all the days I have lived,
I want you to know,
That everything, I ever did was a mere show!
I was a puppet.
The grimy strings strangled my soul,
I danced on the stage of life,
To the drums of death,
As ‘they’ took the mic,
Hiding in the dark,
And tuned their guitars.
The euphemistic music started
My masters made me groove.
I kept on dancing, 
Kept on playing my part,
No matter how much my dreams
Were ripped apart.
Time went on,
And so did my life,
The audiences still stare with awe,
What they don’t see are the swollen paws.
In all these years,
My thoughts were mutilated,
Words were shoved down my throat.
I haven’t seen the world,
All I know,
are the walls that keep,
me fit in the mould.
In my time here,
I have seen people come and go,
The theatres open and close,
I have seen my demons killing
The soul I used to be.

Finally today is my last show,
I am not weak and my bones don’t show,
“It’s your turn, now you can finally go” I wonder
As I put the ivory dress,
On my bruised blackened soul.
I dance with a lively smile,
With my dead heart,
So vile.
With my sturdy legs,
And the trembling self-support.
As I try to remember the beats,
My mind wanders to the possibilities,
When these walls break free.
I am bursting with joy,
As the music reaches its peak.
I swing, move my body
Like a rainbow in the grey sky.
Full of rhythm and
I do the last step,
And as I finish I gasp for breath.
To my astonishment,
I can’t seem to find any air,
I struggle for my breath,
And finally the lights go off and
The curtains are drawn.
Nobody comes to assist me,
As I go numb,
Even the fingers let the strings free,
As I drift into oblivion.
Nobody comes to applaud me,
As I perform my final act,
Play the dead.
My pathetic life fumes around me
Everything that I have seen,
Everyplace that I have been,
Every person I have met,
All the secrets I have kept,
Anyone I ever loved,
All the days I have lived,
And as I write this letter,
I want you all to know, that
We are all puppets,
And the life is just a show.

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