Somewhere in the Clouds

July 4, 2016

Somewhere in the clouds, 

she frowns and looks down


The humans want ot fight

while others yearn to unite


Shots erupt in the air, and the moment is dire

Persistence and bitter revenge adds wind to the fire


The drought of happiness adds sour turmoil to the land

The thumps that hit the ground sound like the drum beats of a band


The last words of a dying man is "So close yet so far"

But across the globe, Cupid's arrow flys to one's lovestruck heart


She sees the world as a boiling pot of emotions

That will one day spill over like a poisonous potion


How to keep everything balanced and in the pot?

Many try to apprehend but they know not


She used to be apart of this boiling pot called Earth

She experienced love, anger, bliss and merth


But now she just sits and watches above form her bubble

She has no anger, happiness, sadness nor trouble


So, somewhere in the clouds

She frowns and looks down

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