Winning The Break Up

July 4, 2016
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I never understood why you got upset when asked about it

When you initiated the conversation

Why would you be so bitter about me telling people?

I'm not ashamed that we broke up,

So I'm not afraid to tell people the truth


This is me winning the break up


It was mutual,

So unlike all your other girls I'm not going to cry about it

I'm not going to hide the fact

I'm not going to go days without sleep about it

Certainly not going to open a window for us to "talk about it"


Sorry I'm the one you couldn't hurt the way you love to hurt

Unlike your other girls I'm not going to keep holding on

I'm the detatchment queen, don't you know?

When I want out, you betcha I'll be out of there


Not being hurt is why you're so mad


You're so bitter about something you wanted

Because ultimately you didn't get it

Sorry, I won't give you that satisfaction


I won the break up


I refused to hurt like you wanted me to hurt

I'm not going to respond the way you want me to

And the only reason you're so pissy about it...

Well because you never got what you wanted

You never held the upper hand

And you're upset through your embarassment

That you lost, dear friend.


That is winning the break up.

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