silence is golden

July 4, 2016

As darkness gobbles an empire,
With fierce beginning of a war point.
Enemy’s golden gesture of silence ,
Can give hope to a nation.

Old ties of love & friendship,
On the verge of breaking.
One’s silence,
Can retrieve harmony.

When beloved father,
On his death bed, smiles.
With the blossoming silence,
Feels a hundred years.

As a mother weepingly steps,
Into the enormous old age home.
She holds on to silence,
Yet another painful crucifixion.

When a daughter bids goodbye,
Forming her  new life.
The silence her eyes want to break,
Are those of joy and sorrow.

Good old 13 years ,
With a German shepherd.
And suddenly it vanishes,
All left  is silence of major absence.

A thousand feelings,
A thousand words,
All that’s not expressed,
Lie amidst the golden silence.

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