June 30, 2016
By Crysalia PLATINUM, Riverside, California
Crysalia PLATINUM, Riverside, California
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PlaceĀ us in a box labeled:

The best love of 2015-2016,

Or if you'd prefer just label me in a box

That you call "us"

Put every memory, photograph, and kiss away

Tuck them in the boxy frame of your ribs

Right below your heart.

The author's comments:

He lives in the past. That caused a lot of problems for us. Eventually I'm going to be in the past that he can't let go. I know what he did to me is going to add up to reasons he can't sleep, that the thought of him destroying our love will be the nightmares that keep him up. I'll eventually be a part of the past he's living in, so at best I wish him that he cherishes the memories rather than letting them haunt him.

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