rusted wings

June 30, 2016
By inkdrop BRONZE, NY,NY, New York
inkdrop BRONZE, NY,NY, New York
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Time to press away
Any forms of creativity
As yet again I prepare
For the hours put into
An effortless look
With help from makeup artists
I'll never meet again
The only people who see me without
the outfits prepared to cover my tattoos
In a mirage of perfection I so constantly adhere to
I’m more often wearing a mask
That looks just like me
but with a smile painted on
Than breathing freely
With my wings held back
By the “business professional”
Of my cardigan
the strings of my guitar
Torn from the instrument
To be used to constrain me
Into the person my agent demands me to be
And as my wings rust
And fall apart
From lack of use
I try to remember
when my life was my own
And my future undetermined
As I slowly lose the ability
To make my own decisions

How could I have known
The repercussions of stardust
The bright shiny promises
That turn you into a show horse
I wish I had read the label on the bottle
Before inhaling the fame medication
Side effects may include
lack of sleep
losing your appetite
( as encouraged by your dietician)
Losing all control of your life
Losing your friends
Losing your family
Losing everything
To your own greediness
Because you wanted to drink
From that fountain of immortality
And be remembered forever
Only to realize
nothing is eternal

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