A Mans World

June 29, 2016
By ShelbyGrae BRONZE, Remlap, Alabama
ShelbyGrae BRONZE, Remlap, Alabama
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Could you hear me if I shout or have you forgotten my words
I taught them to you when we loved in spereate world's
They weren't words at all, but we had our own special language.
I would scream and shout
You would try to hide your anguish
I see your heart is heavy and now your face shows your age
I feel sorry for everything, of how I put you in a cage
You were my own little fire and I put you on a shelf
kept you bottled up and all to myself.
I made your flame burn low when I should have been your fuel, but now you're flame is gone, now I am the fool.
A fire can only burn so bright, before it's heart gives in, oh my pretty little fire could you ever forgive my sin
I was meant to be the protector and keep you safe from harm, but as I look upon your lifeless face I see what I did wrong
I wish you were dead, that your shine was completely gone. That would hurt me less than see the embers keep fighting on.
And once again my selfishness has crowded all my thoughts, but really who's to blame here I'm not the only one at fault
oh yes what was I thinking I'm not at fault at all, silly little fire you could have run from this brawl. You could have fought back instead of giving up, but you let me break you and now you're stuck.
I feel so much better now, my flame, that we've had this little talk. Because really its a man's world, a man's never at fault.

The author's comments:

I've seen to many women be beaten and hurt and abused. Yet, they still go back to the men beliveing that he'll never do it again. Would you like to hear his thoughts?

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