People Change

June 29, 2016
By HaleyD. PLATINUM, Bel Air, Maryland
HaleyD. PLATINUM, Bel Air, Maryland
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People change. I’ve seen it happen right in front of my eyes. You love someone so much and just when you think you can’t love them anymore, they drift. And then all of a sudden the person sitting in front of you is a stranger. And you’re all alone. The memories you’ve made: all the laughs, the smiles, the tears, the affection, all just fades away with the changing of the person in front of you. And all you’re left with are photographs and broken dreams.


People change and there is nothing you can do but sit and stare. You’re stuck watching the person you love turn slowly into a person you never thought they could be. One who doesn’t dwell on the little things anymore. No longer asks you how your day was or why you haven’t been smiling as much as you used to because they just overlook you. You don’t mean as much to them as you once did. And you’re left forgetting what it’s like to be loved.


The days will pass by slowly and painfully as his love for you fades. As he pushes you away you will grasp at anything and everything you can to stay holding on to something you lost a long time ago. And you’re left staying up late at night and thinking about how you’ll never be good enough, even though people simply change, and there’s nothing you can do but watch.

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