A Fly

June 29, 2016
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“I could well be moved, if I were as you
If I could pray to move, prayers would move me
But I’m constant as the northern star of whose true………….
Snap! “and fixed quality…..  slap!
The little puppeteer has arrivd
And found a spot on my nose to linger upon
Then rubbing her legs ogether as if to cook up a good sport,
Darts straight towards my eye
And in the fit of a second,
Vanishes into her kingdom
While my hand fell flat on my cheek
“speak, hands for me”.
Aye aye something is going wrong
Nerd Greg just banged his desk
In the air of an empress rises she and vanishes
But , ” et tu brute.”
Caesar is crestfallen seeing brutus
And there she is!
Hovering above Miss Fanny’s head
And with one steady wave of hand, she sets her aside
Like she always does rebels.
Finally! He moves his neck and now I know
What that brown haired guy looks like

Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr scene 2

Snap oh! Anything but my lunch
Loitering through her menu, she followed me here!
In her crystal eyes, I see my future
So my hand froze, and my head raised
The brown haired guy comes in, in her eyes I meet his
Achchoo. Awkward first meeting
That little brute kicked in my nose and vanished
It’s the last i can take!
I throw my hands round like a maniac
But she rises from the ground, the queen of the world.
A 2cm long arthropod ruined my day
Should I forgive her?
So I just let her fly away
Why shorten a 20 day life?


The grapes are sour anyways.

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