June 29, 2016
Alone, I walk through our house,
As an old, and widowered spouse.
Alone, I tread through her garden,
Knowing my life is going to harden.
Alone, I sit in her chair,
Looking at her picture with a desolate stare.
Alone, I lay in our bed,
With thoughts of her in my head.
Alone, I gaze through her mirror,
As the haze gets no clearer.
Alone, I drink from her mug,
Yearning for nothing but her hug.
Alone, I read from her book,
Only her favorite; Captain Hook.
Alone, I cry by her stone,
Hoping soon, I'll have my own.
Alone, I write with her pen,
A letter to her, again and again.
Alone, I pass in our room,
The room that is now our tomb.
And, I smile, for I see light,
It was her, in my sight

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