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it feels like the walls are closing in. the universe is yelling at us "run!" but I don't know where to run to. in that moment it's every man for himself, and we leave each other behind. we leave behind the memories made with one another and we leave behind the ties that used to hold us together, unbreakable. those ties lie shattered on the floor as the corners inch closer together and I search for an exit. but there is no exit. everyone else has vanished and it's just me alone in this ever shrinking room, this box that doesn't have an exit so how did everyone else leave? how am I the only one left? why didn't they take me with them? the room is still shrinking, and the memories bump up against me as the box grows smaller. I'm reminded of times when everyone would have found the exit together and no one would be left behind with the shards of broken memories haunting their brain like mine is, already flooded with too many thoughts and emotions to handle. there's nowhere for me to go, nowhere to hide from these terrible memories that carry so much happiness yet so much blatant sadness with them. the ties of friendships come and gone lie shattered on the floor. the box keeps shrinking and I don't know how to get out. I don't know how to escape.

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