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Stay Demons

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Tell them demons to stay where they at

And leave me alone
Because every time I sang this sad song
No one listens to these low tones
And y'all leave me to wonder where did I go wrong

I mean y'all came around one time, you know after what's her name left
Oh y'all creep at times like this and oh ya yall crept
I mean at night when I got up to see what was those steps
In that dark room it was just me nothing else

And y'all said please just talk to us
And yall talked back on how I was the worst to love
Laughed at me when my blood rushed
Out of my arms and turned into red dust

Because I have old blood and a old soul
The new stuff is not my thing i build off old roads
And yall stop me to see if I will fold
Bending me but dont recognize my skin is black diamond and my soul is all gold

I will never completely crumble under hard times
Even when you try to give me big fines
At work, and tell me to commit bad crimes
To pay it, I'll never give in because I know the difference between yours and mine

My soul wants to build something that will make life easier for people
While your soul want to make life harder and feed evil
So  you go for my lovers, and stop them for making a sequel
To me, a person that no matter how convincing you may sound will never believe yo

Because the difference between mine and your creation
You made my people a gang i'm going to make them a nation
You gave them greed and a whole lot of starvation
But I'm going to feed them teach them to build and they'll make it.

And whatever they may dream to make
Our people create we don't take
Our people are too creative we don't fake
Coming for the people of gold was your mistakes

So don't creep around when I'm sad
Feed my anger when I'm mad
Give me depressing thoughts when i glad
Olorun Tell them demons they better stay where they at.

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