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They think I am a savage.
They think I am a murderer.
They think I am a monster.         
They think I have no remorse                                             They think I have no conscious                                           And do you want to know something?                                     I am a savage 


I do kill people for enjoyment,                                             I do search the wasteland for riches.                                     I have done heinous things to survive,                                   I committed acts that make the strongest men cringe,         And I would do them all again,                                         Because I am a savage.              

I have never had a place to call home.
I have never had anybody care for me.              
I have never had anyone to love.   
I have never had to protect anything but myself.          
And I never had a reason to kill,              
But I kill anyway                            
I am and I shall always be a savage                  

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