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What glitters ain't always gold

What glitters ain’t always gold
Gotta keep that in my brain
Yeah gotta make sure I stay in my lane
So someday
I’ll be flying through out the skies
On my own plane
Going to make my family proud
They gone here my voice through out
All the cities
I can here gods call
It’s so loud
Ringing in my ears
And waking me up at 4 in the morning
To put in work
Writing this s*** out
On my notepad
Until my fingers
Feeling rough
Just like my heart when it hurts
And how my eyes sting
When I’m bleeding inside
S*** sometimes I just wanna die
I’ve been through so much in such a
Short amount of time
But most of ya’ll wanna judge me
You judge me before I speak
not even giving me a chance
Just one quick glance
Making me feel weak
Just because ima lil girl
On this world while it spins and whirls
Doesn’t mean
I’m not as rough and tough as you
Try me
Call my bluff
Try me
call my bluff
Trynna say I can’t spit just cuz ima female
I should slit your tounge for that sexest insult
Can you here my lungs burning
Trying to be heard
My stomach stays churning
Waking up every morning
Knowing I’m not worthy of you
Or at least that’s what you want me to think huh
But I won’t let that sink in my head
Trynna poison my soul with your deadly led
I know you think ima just end up dead
Because of my skin tone
But nahh
I’ll never feel alone
Never going to be someone’s door mat
So you better change your steps
And keep on stepping
Cause you
And  your negative energy ain’t
welcomed here
Not now
And not ever
So forever be gone
It won’t be long
Til you realize just like the others
That y’all were wrong
When y’all doubted me
And kept on pushing me back and back
Never should’ve forgot about me
And I know you all will be back
Cuz ya’ll sum dick riders
And I put my name on that
Just gotta remember what glitters
Ain’t always gold
Silver sometimes blings more

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