Silent Crying

June 16, 2016
By ArtsyAuthor PLATINUM, Oakland, New Jersey
ArtsyAuthor PLATINUM, Oakland, New Jersey
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They criticize everything about you-

From the way you look
To the way you walk
To the way you speak
To the way you live your life
The words sting and numb your soul
But you smile and tell them it's fine
The words stab your heart like knives
But you nod like it's okay
The tears threaten to flood out
But you hold them in behind that smiling mask of yours
Every mistake you make
Is a chance for them to prey upon you
To tell you how sinful you are
Even though you were innocent all along
You pretend not to notice their dirty looks
You pretend not to hear them snicker behind your back
You act oblivious to their cold stares
And their harsh words
You've became used to their prejudice
Hoping one day you'll change
That you'll become that perfection they desire
Their words are their weapons
And you have no shield
You cry silently in the dark,
But wipe them away when they come
To please them you've chained yourself,
Forever prisoned to their words
Breathing in their hatred against you
Living on their glares
Your heart is in pieces
But you act like you're stable
Always giving them smiles that they'll never give back
You are kept in a cage of insecurity
Where they always jab you with their claws
But one day, you'll be free--
Free of those chains that kept you for so long
Free of those empty promises that they gave you
You'll break away from those meaningless words
You'll break away from those disgusted scowls
Finally you'll be able to know freedom
And sprout those majestic wings they've torn away from you
You'll fly into the sky and into the heavens
Where angels would find you and take care of you
You'll finally know kindness
You'll finally know joy
You'll finally know love--
And finally,
You don't have to cry anymore

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