An Opal of Many Colors

June 12, 2016
By Sincerely,_Anonymous SILVER, None Of Your Business, New Jersey
Sincerely,_Anonymous SILVER, None Of Your Business, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
My favorite quote of all time is said by Dumbledore in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". It is,
"Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on Earth should that mean it isn't real?"

I am an opal of many colors
A beautiful tornado of lightning energy
Gracefully swirling from the stormy sky

I come from the place where freedom tolls
Loud, proud, and true

The land which is formed of the world
All thrown into a great melting pot
And the land which the men and women
I never knew fought for with their lives
That melting pot is part of me

I stand as tall as a world-spanning tree
Whose roots are grounded in the
Soil of the Emerald Isle
And the soil in which the wheat is grown to make the pasta
This country is so famed for
And the soil in which the Eiffel Tower
Is firmly planted
And the blood-stained soil where
Our heroes lost their lives
Doing battle with the Nazis
And the soil that has been charred
By hot tea
Hot to the touch,
but soothing to my throat

The throat that lets free my booming voice
As I argue my position
And the throat that speaks my devotion and love
For God up above
And the throat that releases my sweet, deep song
For all the world to hear
For this song tells the story of my life with
Beautiful notes as sweet as the
Song of the bluebird
But to me that bluebird means more than song
He gives me something to learn in science as
I study the world around me
In all of its natural beauty
And the stories I read are blooming
In my mind as my hands turn the page
To where pen meets paper and
Records my thoughts, swirling like a maelstrom
In my head to my ink-tipped sword of peace

For I am an opal of many colors

The author's comments:

This was done when a poet named Glennis Redmond visited our school and did a creative writing poetry session with us. This poem was done completely by myself, though.

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