The Gulf of Alaska MAG

June 8, 2016
By JadeBanks SILVER, Amherst, New York
JadeBanks SILVER, Amherst, New York
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I’ve heard that
In the gulf of Alaska
There are two oceans;
One light and one dark
That meet,
But do not mix
And it made me think
Of us,
And how we
Come so close
Only to be separated
And again
Like the tides of an ocean.
But I’ve also heard
That eventually,
The oceans
Both light and dark,
Do mix waters,
Maybe only a few mere drops.
I hope that one day
We do the same.

The author's comments:

I think one of the saddest things in the world is when two people come so close to being in a friendship or a relationship, but it doesn't seem to work out. You don't have to stop trying to make the relationship work, you just need a small bit of hope. 

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