James Edward Baughman.... My Uncle

June 8, 2016
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Everyday I remember
The memories of me coming over
And you not missing the opportunity
To pick on me
I remember the times
You would put out your hand
And then you would hit my forehead
And say
“Oops you hit a tree”
I remember that I used to
Find it annoying
But now
Now I miss it
I miss you picking on me
Saying “oops you hit a tree” to me
I miss visiting you
Or you coming and seeing us
In general
I miss you
When I start remembering
I start questioning
Like why you left
Why you don’t talk to us
And lastly
Why I never see you anymore
When those questions start running through my head
I get mad
Mad at you
Mad that you left without
Saying goodbye
I’m mad that you don’t talk to me
I here you go to work
I even hear
That you have a new girlfriend
But for some reason
You can’t pick up the phone
And call
Even if it’s just to say hi
Or to tell us your okay
No instead you ignore us
You avoid our attempts
You distance yourself
From us
Your family
The people that you know
You can count on
But yet
You still don’t make an effort
I have tried
Tried to get you back
Tried to understand
I have tried extremely hard to
Understand how the uncle
The uncle that dropped to the ground
Balling at Mary Alice Hines’s funeral
The uncle I used to laugh with
Is now non existent
I don’t understand why
Why you won’t talk to us
Even if you’re going through a bad time
It’s been 5 years
5 years is a long time
To not hear from you
Not to see you
It’s also a long time
To wait
Wait for the day that you’ll come back
Even though the odds are low
So low that I will never
See you
Or hear from you
I am your niece
I am begging you
Begging you
To come home
Come home
I miss you

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