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May 24, 2016
By Edawg1 BRONZE, Clinton, North Carolina
Edawg1 BRONZE, Clinton, North Carolina
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To be you, is to be free

 You always hve a choice

Choose in your mind, then use your voice 

The choice you pick will cause relief or strife

This choice you made will follow you, all your life


Your choice to be or not to be

Your choice to see or not to see

Your choice to kill or be killed

Your choice to run or stand stilled


Their is no excuse for choice you make

It's your decision, your blame to take

Your choice to balance good and bad

Your choice will affect all relationships you had


Will you pull the trigger like a madman

Or will you stand their, posed like a tin can

The choice you make is neither wrong or right

But you must think it out before time takes flight


When will you decide, I must know

For my heart is saying "please, let me go!"

Will there be mourns?, will there be happiness?

I will leave it to you to check and guess


You've decided, I see, to pull that deadly trigger

Unknown to you, I have something bigger, deadlier

So as you pull the trigger, I pull a pin

I go to heaven, and you go to hell for all of your sin

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