Your Smile Is Sewn

June 1, 2016

All lives are sculpted to fit the pieces like puzzles do only because they are forced to,
We are stonewalled, standing tall, beginning to deteriorate, but for heaven’s sake,
Remember the times that never existed, but I am repeating myself. I AM REPEATING MYSELF for the truth.
Submit like opposites, I would never break. But listening to your voice reminds me of my mistakes.
Pretending that these pointless things are not fatuous, pretentious like someone is always watching me,
I know they do. Like an equation with no solution, a story with no ends, or breathing without a heart,
Stick to what you got, because look where the car is driving. Like an alembic, I am forever obsolete.
The innocent are sentenced to a life of a prison cell. Take care of what you have, it’s harder finding spare parts.
Exculpate the situation, since wrongdoings are only wrong when governments are the one's ruling.
When darkness is playing you like a puppet, your arms are held by threads and your smile is sewn on.
My button eyes are growing loose. Imbroglio, I am extremely confused. An organized mess is reducing.
When my cotton insides are falling out through torn holes, and silence is my favorite song.

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