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June 1, 2016
By tessellations GOLD, Columbia, Maryland
tessellations GOLD, Columbia, Maryland
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i. in which i spite planets

i hang up the phone with a sharp

click - it was saturn

on the other line,

begging for her ring back

between hiccuping sobs but


i told her i'm

not gonna give it up

so easy: she must remember

it was all mine

to begin with


ii. in which i love too quickly, and in all the wrong ways

god i want a voice - a mind -

that won't snag itself

on a hurricane


(and i've always thought

i look so much prettier

with such sharp tears


in my eyes)


iii. in which i am a crumb in an infinite sky

i look myself straight

in the face and i say,

"you are not a goddess,

you are just a girl,"

but there is something

aching in me that

begs me to believe

that i am wrong,

and another something

aching back that

begs me to believe

that i am right;


and i take a breath in

and i am harmony,

and i take a breath out

and i am entropy


and i take a breath

and i take a breath

and i take

and i take

and i take

and i take,

but i

am empty.

The author's comments:

an allegory

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