The FLower

May 31, 2016

There once was a flower
That grew all alone
In a field of thorns
Where nothing pretty grew
In an ugly world
It pushed through
It grew tall and pretty
And determined
It left an imprint simply by growing

One day a ball rolled into a field
A little girl chased it in
She got cut by the thorns
But she found the flower.
She picked the flower
And brought to home
Her dad bought her a vase
And she brought it to mom
Who lied in a hospital bed dying
Cancer was winning the fight
That flower brought her a smile
And made her happy again
The pain faded
And the joy flowed in
That mom lived a little longer than expected
Saw her daughter graduate from college
Eventually the sickness one
But the mom died happy

The girl grew up to become a doctor
She saved hundreds of lives
And helped others live longer
She changed the world
Always in her mother’s honor

A dying woman found joy
And her daughter gave it to others
All because one simple flower

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