The fence is safer

May 24, 2016

Lost and alone

dont know where to go

walking alone

wishing for a place to call home

hum to the birds

they sing back

looking around

see whats beautiful

looking inside

seeing whats painful

Push the thought away

that haunt you

singing out loud

to down the voices out

Don't want to listen

wish you could belive

that they are all liars

that you are strong

that tears are a weapon

and not weakness

That the words are just air

blowing in your hair

that the truth

is hiding

and one day you'll see

who you really are

how perfect you are

but for now just sing out loud

to drown the voices out

don't listen to the negativity

and most important 

don't believe them

even if you see no good inside

don't see bad either

if you can't believe 

what's true

about you

then believe that you are not bad

Hold on to that

being on the fence is safer

than the spikes

of suicide

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