Not Gone But Loved

May 19, 2016
By BrandenCorbin SILVER, Colfax, Iowa
BrandenCorbin SILVER, Colfax, Iowa
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Nobody knows
That you feel hurt
It’s not easy to tell
Because they’ve gotten used to it
Hiding their pain
You have no idea
But when you figure it out
It’s too late
Their Gone

You always blame yourself
I could’ve done better
I could've helped
But in reality
You could have done nothing
You helped all you could
You did everything right
But sometimes it’s not enough
It’s not your fault
It’s society’s

Life’s never fair
It takes your loved ones
It takes your child
It even takes you someday
You can prevent some
But not all
All is too much
Life is too much

When people are gone you grieve
When people are here you grieve
Life is full of grief
But it’s also full of this one little thing
Love beats all
Love helps when people are gone
Love is Everything
Until it’s Gone
Then it’s a memory
And memories fade
But love goes on
So just remember
That person who is now gone
Might not be remembered
But will always be loved
They are not gone
They are not dead
They are

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