My Talent

May 23, 2016
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sou unfurling as the new-found

key unocks a voice i never knew i had, a song

bursting forth in fluent expression of the

babblings of my heart, and

here, on this paper, i

will sing. throat constricts with gratitude that i've

fallen into the perfect, predestined

niche: mine, a medium

misunderstood by the masses, who

recoil in horror from the source of my joy. please, take me

back to the room that spins in the

silence, tuning me in to the

thrumming of my core. this precious communion is

mine alone, invisible to jealous eyes--no one can tell that

at my desk, worlds

are springing into being. pencil meets

paper, infinite creativitiy invoked in

the selection of A's, B's, C's, and

D's of mutliple choice. i catch the

rhythm like a natural, the balance

between reading, marking, checking. the clock

raises the stakes, my heart escalates

with each dot filled in,


at the tragic five-minute warning. i could

stay here for hours, but i must return home to

hone my unique craft, show myself an eager

disciple of its esoteric secrets, sought

in endless night of sleepless anticipation

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