PPC Syndrome

May 11, 2016

I can feel it coming
The slight tingle in my stomach
A twinge of pain that scurries up my back
Quick changes in my mood
The constant checking to see if it has arrived
That uneasy nausea
My body going from hot to cold so fast
Throbbing pulses in the temple of my skull

I can feel it breathing down my neck
Around me others fall into its grasp
I look around for a way to escape it
All of my options seem so far away
I think I am just out of its reach
It is closer than I thought
I can’t escape it

It grabs me with its claws
Forcing its sharp nails into my abdomen
I scream at the horrid sensation that fills my body
I’m still hoping there is a way for me to escape it
A warm liquid runs down my face
My heart is beating fast
It has me
It has arrived

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