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May 3, 2016
By aminachowdhury BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
aminachowdhury BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
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Sweet child, dripping in color
They will taunt you and put you down
Do not take such words to heart
Just because the tone of your skin is brown
Put that bindi on your forehead,
Hold your head up high and be proud
As your golden skin glistens in the sun
You are the one standing out in the crowd
Intricate brown stains on your hands, fearful to their eyes
“It’s henna” you should say, as they look at the hidden designs in disguise
Sequins and beads sit on your sari like tiny jewels
Your neck shines bright with all that gold
The bangles on your hands speak as you move
Everyone around you looks with a gaze so cold
But sweet child, you are the warmth
Dripping in color
You are the savory flavor of spices that dance on the tongue
You show beauty to the old minds of those who wish to be young
For these very reasons, you are a queen
It is your culture, sweet child
Take pride
When the world is lacking unfamiliar taste
You walk out, strut your stuff, and look alive
For these very reasons, you must embrace it, sweet child
Drip in color and culture with an effervescent smile

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