Heart Beat

March 31, 2016
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I can't hear over my heartbeat,

I listen close don't you see,

my brain tells me to get the hell out of your backseat,

but only my heart can tell me to flee,


you took a spear an stuck it through my chest,

so honey you're headed out west,

I wish I could say to be your best,

but you make me stressed,


You tried to still a kiss,

I let out a hiss,

oh how you thought it would be bliss,

I have a brain and something told me you were amiss,


To think you care,

oh how unfair,

I wish you could swear,

but I will never be yours to bear,


You were brighter than the sun,

I hope you had fun,

because darling we're done,

looks like I won,


You thought you were cool with your fake tan,

oh please! be a man,

ha you thought that I was a fan,

yeah okay that's why you ran,


You thought you were cute,

you never even wore a suit,

you said I was the only one,

I know I wasn't lord what a stun,


I tried to talk,

you never listened,

so I decided to take a long walk,

and oh how I glistened,


It was like talking to a wall,

except the wall would catch me if I fall,

I am not just your play doll,

to the other girls ha so long

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