noticing the color gray

March 31, 2016
By payton25 BRONZE, Montville, New Jersey
payton25 BRONZE, Montville, New Jersey
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i’ve noticed that i like the color gray
so dull, yet so sophisticated

and i’ve always noticed that the coffee i brew in the old retro coffee pot
makes my stomach hurt
but i drink from it anyways

but i never noticed how my mother dreads the gray scale
on the left of her bed

yet i noticed how I listen to the same song for hours
and still feel empty

i try not to notice that when you call
you only talk about yourself

i always notice the familiar cracks on the driveway
and how they tell a story
from the previous storm

she noticed that he doesn't like her back
even though the feelings are still in front of her

he notices that the closet door is open
but fears what’s beyond

i’ve noticed that i like the color gray
but still wear black
to fit in
in this gray world

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