Do Not Look At Me

March 22, 2016
By White.Roses DIAMOND, West Chester, Ohio
White.Roses DIAMOND, West Chester, Ohio
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Your glittering eyes would make my heart race dangerously
for your irises, I know, are lined with a green that only exists in emeralds
But I let blinds fall over my eyes so that yours only appear in my dreams
I have not so much as felt the brush of your lashes against my cheek
I dare not allow such unwarranted absence of space between us
Because you are a priceless beauty and I am a throw-away existence
I am not worthy to succumb to your ‘its okay, you can look’
Or your ‘I’m really not all that pretty anyways”
You do not understand the fear that shields my eyes
For I am leaning over the edge of a treacherous cliff called almost loving you
And I fear that your eyes will plummet me into heavy currents
Currents that will leave me breathless
you will leave me breathless
And I almost love you
So please
do not look at me

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