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February 25, 2016

I like to wash,

I love being clean.

For some reason,

Some soap and a clean sink's gleam,

Have always been something I love.

I love summer movie nights,

With popcorn popping in the kitchen,

And windows open with the sounds of the


With chocolate after pizza and

Not caring if it's unhealthy,

Grabbing that pillow

And giggling at the screen

When it's a horror movie scene.

I love stars in the sky,

Gazing out the car window up high,

Pointing it out, over the rush

of the road, "Oh, yeah, I see it!"

I Love to laugh,

It is the cure for all.

During a morbid momet,

Through tears and dissapointment,

A laugh saves the moment.

These are things I love,

I clasp them to my heart

Like a dove.

Remeber these things

When nobody else does.

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