I Am Strong

February 20, 2016
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I maybe down
But I'll be up again
I won't be down for long
Don't start the count
I will not tap out

This is not the end
It's not over
I'm not giving up
My son needs his mother

My windows maybe broken
But I can fix them
Good thing I'm good with puzzles

I am strong
I will come back
I will not stop
My family needs me

You will see me again
You will not win
You have no control
This is my life

I am strong
I still here
I am standing my ground
Bring it!

You don't know me
You don't know what I am capable of
You don't know nothing

I will not run
I am like the energizer bunny
I keep going
Never quitting
I'll keep fighting

I am strong
Never weak
Don't underestimate me
I'll prove you wrong

I am strong
I'll stay strong

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