Take Me

February 10, 2016
By Nadia.A PLATINUM, North Vancouver, Other
Nadia.A PLATINUM, North Vancouver, Other
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"Find what you love and let it kill you." -Charles Bukowski

Can you take me to the park?

under a tree

beneath its shadow

atop a bench

criss-cross legged knees touching

hands sweaty

lip biting

eyes chasing each other's,


Can you take me to the meadow?

with green grass growing

bees buzzing

buds sprouting

flowers blooming hearts beating breaking the silence

of isolation,


Can you take me to the hills?

let me run




from the bottom looking up

staring up

at everything

chins tilted to the sky

with bright curious eyes

full of wonder--

what does 

the world have in store for us?


Can you take me to the library?

study my face

my heart

and my mind,

let our eyes do the talking

our smiles do the laughing

and our fidgeting fingertips

do the dancing,


Can you take me where it's silent?

we don't need to spoil the day

with words

don't speak

hushed voices

just breathing

and keeping metronome with

the beat of our breathes

and the hum of silence--


Can you take me away?

Take me

where it's silent.

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