the upheaval of my former youth MAG

January 27, 2016
By LuciaHassen BRONZE, New York, New York
LuciaHassen BRONZE, New York, New York
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milk pours like silk into her throat
she is happy
she is a song without lyrics
her bed sheets become wings
her midnight dreams can’t hurt her
she knows the day is full of stop and go
yes or no
she sings of ghosts
they hear her
they breathe her hair
she stares into their world –
their sand pail world –
clean sheets and
velvet-peace world
life does not have enough beets
or nectarines
it is a sandy shore
until she realizes it is not
picture frames of weddings and grateful days
that do not come anymore
they have disappeared
dissolved into
adolescent screams
and the horrific freedom
of the violent
she tells herself that it’s okay –
life does not smell like a bouquet –
there is no outer space
or Darien Lake
just a chip in her brain
making up

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by the injustice we face every day that leads to the loss of our innocence. As we grow up, we lose track of the things that keep us safe, and evenutally realize how cruel the world is. 

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