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My Fathers Handwriting

January 22, 2016
By Immamistery BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Immamistery BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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My mother asked me
How on earth did you get your father's handwriting?
You know what
I don't know how
I told her I don't like my handwriting it is hard to read
How do I expect my teachers to read it if
I can't even read it myself
I am ashamed of the way I write
I am ashamed of how my words flow together like rivers flow into oceans
I am ashamed of how sloppy and crazy my writing gets
I am ashamed of how my hand and arm cramp after only writing 2 out of the 3 lines that I wanted to write
I am ashamed
Yes it's true
And I bet you
That every single person is ashamed of something too
Whether it be the way they talk
The way they walk
The way they dance
The way they sing
Or just simply ashamed of themselves but
They are only ashamed because they are scared
They are scared to love and be loved
They are scared to live, but they are scared to die at the same time
They are scared of what is to come
Of what they will become
They are scared of becoming the ones that they don't want to be
They are scared of just about anything because
All they ever hear is
" One wrong move and everything is over "
Now I want you to hear that one more time and really listen closely
Listen to all of the pain that it cries
Listen to all of the fears that it creates
Listen to all of the countless hours of deep breathes and sighs
Listen to all of the voices that have since been silenced because of these words
Listen one last time and then forget everything I say in this last line
Forget it and move on
You can do it
I know you can
Don't worry about slipping
Think about what you will have to do to recover from slipping because
Guess what
Everyone slips
But it is up to you
Whether you get back up and keep trying or
If you stay down in the never ending depths of darkness and accept failure but,
Choose not to do anything except keep letting yourself fall
I beg you
Don't let that monster you fear catch you
Keep running
Just one more step
Just one more word
Just one more mark
Just one more breathe
Before it's all over
You are done
You have succeeded
Now please say this one time with me and then use your imagination to throw it in the trash
And lock it there forever
Where it can no longer torment you
Where it can stay in its own darkness
And it's own depressing medicine
" One wrong move and everything is over "
Just kidding I'm not done yet, here
One last line to motivate you
" You can do anything you put your mind to "

The author's comments:

This is a peice that I wrote when I personally was really disappointed in my handwriting because I was writing so fast that I couldn't read what it said once I finished. This is actually a true story about myself.

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