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January 21, 2016
By Kristinl15 BRONZE, Telford, Pennsylvania
Kristinl15 BRONZE, Telford, Pennsylvania
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"There are no regrets in life... just lessons."

I am anxiety
I’m always overwhelmed with so much fear
That my mind can’t even think clear
My heart is always beating fast
and every day feels like my last
I’m trapped inside of every person
and every day just seems to worsen
I feel like things will always go wrong
and each day always seems so long
My palms are always sweating
and I’m constantly in such a sad setting
I’m never going to be free
From all the people that feel the opposite of glee
and I can’t help but feel like I’ve did something wrong
So I sit in my room and listen to a sad song
and when things just get worse
All I want to do is curse
But instead I go make people do bad things
Like take out a blade and try different things
and all I want to do is be happy
and stop living every day so crappy
But instead I will be anxiety for the rest of my life
and maybe one day I’ll take out a knife
and end it all for me and everyone
So nobody ever has to feel me again

The author's comments:

It's talking as if anxiety is a person and it's saying how it feels from its own point of view.

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